Mhaighdean Mhara Dry Docks


Interior of the HMS Warrior

Interior, Decorations, and Fixtures

For the interior we are working for a "warm, comfortable, and homey" look and feel. And above all - decadent. I considered going the darker Hollywood styled "evil pirate captain" look to go with the personae but in the end a more rich and opulent Galleon Captain's Quarters. Let's face it, after all, we are going to be living inside a trailer and you just can't put enough windows to make it feel open and bright. So, to compensate we will be using lighter wood stains, copper and brass metals, and rich warm fabrics. The best part will be the lighting, both electric (battery) and some other special types we'll get into later.

As I either acquire, purchase, or make items for the interior they will move to here as "things that will definitely be in the project." Other items, that may still be conceptual will remain on the Concepts page until decided and moved here.

Interior Wall Lamps

I have two pair of these wall lamps. Rachel and I really like the "not so Moroccan look" of them, and really think the amber glass will set a great ambiance inside the ship at night. I'll be wiring these into the ship's power system so they will be wall switched for convenience and keep to my preference of no open flame inside the ship.

I'll place a pair fore and aft for balance. I am sure there will be other light sources for night, but these will be the mainstay lighting.

UPDATE - the Lights arrived, and they look great. Can't wait to see them lit up in the ship....


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