Shipwright's News

2 Jul 2008. Progress has been made on the ship the past week. We have the hull framing, windows, doors hung, and bow set. Work has run into dark hours so we have not been able to post pics much but we are working to get them up soon...

23 Jun 2008. Welcome Back! The Docks have been closed for months, with my apologies. However, work has proceeded - from brakes to wiring to painting and more! Check out the "New" markers to read the latest information. Work is now starting so check back regularly...

15 Sep 2007. SUCCESS! The miscommunication with the factory and welder is resolved! I now have a trailer frame that is 7' 6" to the top deck, which will provide much needed headroom for comfort. More

12 Sep 2007. Finally secured a parking spot for the Mhara at a local RV storage centre. Good price, secure, 24 hour access, and close to home. We'll next purchase an RV Trailer Pro cover to protect the finish and wood from the elements and UV fading. She'll stay looking good as new for years.

8 Sep 2007. Okay, small bit of an issue with the frame. The welder misread and built the uprights to seven feet, not seven and a half feet. We are working out if that is too short, but I will request Monday if they can raise it up. More

5 Sep 2007. The metal shop called today and the trailer frame is finished. Hopefully I can pick it up this Friday and get it to the shop to complete the electrical.

2 Sep 2007. After marking out the physical footprint of the ship and re-reviewing the designs we discovered that our initial dimensions were off a bit on the bow. Nothing damning, just means the ship grew a little bit more to compensate.

24 Aug 2007. The Keel is laid! After more than a year of general project planning and months of trailer planning specifically a very suitable trailer frame was located. More