Mhaighdean Mhara Dry Docks


Home in the Mhara's Berth!!!!

Hurrah!!!! Here you see the newly heightened frame berthed in her new home, all fenced in and safe. I was amazed at how easy is was to pull a 25 foot long trailer! It tracks right behind the truck and backing it in was a breeze. Much to my utter amazement I have had much more struggle and problems trying to back up a single axle eight foot trailer than this beast! Go figure..... I slipped my eight foot width into the ten foot space on the first try.

Anyhow, my hat goes off to the guys that pull around the two fifth wheel RV trailers that I am nestled in between. My frame is eight feet wide, seven and a half tall, and 25 feet long and they make it look like a tiny radio flyer wagon!

Newly primed frame

Okay, so we finally gave the whole frame a nice coat of heavy duty metal primer to give some long lasing protection. We used the Rustoleum Heavily Rusted Commercial even though the frame is all wire brushed clean (whew, what a long day that was...) and hardly rusty. This gives it a solid undercoat. Only want to do it once....




More newly primed frame

Another shot of the primer. Looks much better, eh?

Okay, so bland brown doesn't look so hot. But that is okay! We'll be painting the second coat shortly that will give us a nice, glossy, black enamel finish.







New Brakes!

So, now that I have a professional trailer shop we got down to the details. One "good new, bad news" item were the electric brakes.

The Good News was the main drums and fittings were in great shape.

The Bad News was the inner plates needed replaced. However, continuing the good news we found that the most expensive parts were the ones still in great shape and not needing replaced! Hurrah! Anyhow, she now sports 7,000# rated brakes and will receive a nice electric break-away kit shortly too, to be sure the Mhara is full compliant with any DOT laws and regulations (plus just be plenty safe...)

New Tires!!!

And just to round out all the new goodies and toys.... the old tires were starting to get a bit of dry rot and cracking so again, to be totally safe we replaced them. Now we are rolling on sweet, brand new rubber!

To go along with them, as an aside, we had the bearings/axles completely repacked and cleaned..... no rough seas ahead for us!

(as for the rims, we may get those blasted and repainted someday but they are fine for now...)







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